Julia Davenne

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March 2018

My work is based in landscape - in forests, gardens, mountains, plants and flowers, in peat and turf, rock formations, elements, weather conditions, buildings and architectural forms, stones and boulders, and the movement in nature.

I work with pools, reeds, rocks, leaves and earth, with mosses,
tree roots, mountain forms, stones, plants, swamps, rivers, waterfalls, rainstorms, and the lines
- drawing these and building up into linear compositions.

The work looks at the drama in the landscape relating to human drama and experience
- how mans nature, e.g. violent, can be seen in the landscape, how different psychological
or emotional (human behavioral) states can be seen or reflected in the landscape e.g. serene,
violent, extreme, calm, ordered, intricate, making them psychological landscapes.
I am also interested in how it could be possible to transform anger and violence into creativity.

Physical landscape
- geological
- geographical
- rock formations, rivers
- earth, turf, peat, coal
- extreme weather conditions
- the movement in landscape

Meaning - Metaphor
- composition
- rendition of landscape, history of landscape painting
- landscape relating to human experience
- the creative process - where the work comes from, root of
  creative process, transforming violence into creativity
- form
- sculptural forms
- linear expression
- searching
- walking
- drawing

I searched for and first found the landscapes in Norway and now live in Wales.


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