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June 2011

My work is based in landscape — the earth, the elements,
properties, its presence, dramas, conditions, and natures powers and energies.

I work with pools, swamps, rocks, tornadoes, leaves and earth, with mosses,
mountain forms, stones, rivers, waterfalls, rainstorms, and landlines — built up into drawn landscapes
and linear compositions.  
The work is about the landscape, finding the works roots, about how the drama in the landscape can
relate to human drama and experiences (how mans nature, e.g. violent, can be seen in the
landscape).  It is about how different psychological or emotional states can be seen or reflected in the
landscape e.g. serene, violent, extreme, ordered, intricate, making them
psychological landscapes, and about the rawness, energy and strength of nature.

Physical landscape
—uncultivated landscape ″as is″
—the landscapes strength
—extreme landscapes and weather conditions
—the space and movement in the landscape
—the energies

Meaning — Metaphor
—the nature of landscape
—landscape relating to human experience, evocative
—the creative process — where the work comes from, root of creative process
—walking in landscape

I searched for and first found in Norway, and now in other landscapes too, lately, Brecon, Wales and Co. Kerry, Ireland. The landscape is a place to walk and search — ″in these rocks″, finding ideas for the work.

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